Always take your camera!

You never know when a photo opportunity will present itself. Dayna and I, as we occasionally do, went to Poplar Bluff this morning to have breakfast and then do some grocery shopping at Wal-mart.

We pulled into the parking lot at Perkin’s, looked to see if there were any parking spots along the front (there weren’t) and then parked along the north edge of the lot. There are shrubs all along this edge of the lot and as I got out of the truck I noticed a Mockingbird sitting in one staring at me.

I grabbed the camera, opened the truck door and started shooting at him through a pair of anchor cables from a nearby power pole. He seemed content to sit there and let me shoot, so I took a chance and walked up to the rail in front of the truck. I got the above shot using the rail as a rest before a pedestrian walked past and the Mockingbird reluctantly left his perch and moved deeper into the shrubbery.

Not the greatest backdrop in the world, but I was shooting across busy Westwood Boulevard. At least it’s out of focus enough that it’s not horribly distracting.

So there are really two morals to this story: always take your camera and park near the shrubs! The extra walk will do you good and you never know, you might get a decent photo out of the deal.

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